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Applicants will be asked to submit a CAFG application, resume, and a work sample (not to exceed 50 pages). The membership committee will peer review all applications. The application must
demonstrate genealogical education, training, and experience. The work sample (not to exceed 50 pages) must demonstrate competency and adherence to current professional standards. Applicants must meet the qualifications for Level I, II, III, or IV as more specifically set forth in the most current requirements.

If approved by the Membership Committee, potential members must agree to abide by CAFG’s Standards of Practice and Conduct before being offered membership.


Membership Levels

CAFG recognizes there will be many potential members who are fairly new to the field of forensic genealogy – which has gained wide spread recognition only in the past few years.

There are four levels of membership. All levels have minimum qualifications for education and experience. Please see the most current requirements.


Professional Growth

Career ladder opportunities

  • CAFG’s Volunteer Initiative Program (VIP) offers members the opportunity to work on real-world cases gaining valuable experience while also giving back to local communities.
  • Full membership status for qualified, approved practitioners.
  • CAFG is developing an optional credential component for qualified members.
  • CAFG is developing a Fellowship award for outstanding members.
Training and educational opportunities

  • Exchange ideas and discuss issues with your peers – other experienced professionals.
  • Forensic genealogy courses and seminars.
  • Courses and seminars to improve business practices and methods.
  • Courses to improve marketing skills.
  • Monthly newsletter Forensic Genealogy News.
  • Forensic genealogy resources.

Increased business opportunities

  • Present lectures, conduct training courses.
  • Publish material to aid fellow members and the profession.