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Why hire a CAFG Member?

CAFG members are annually required to complete continuing education beyond traditional family history genealogy to practice methodology and ethics that reflect the highest industry standards. Hiring a CAFG member ensures the research, analysis, and reporting is conducted by an unbiased, disinterested, third party with no personal or professional stake in the outcome. A forensic genealogist can be discredited on the stand when testifying as an expert witness if it is revealed that they have a stake in the outcome of the trial because of their contingency payment arrangement.

Member forensic genealogists:

  • Are qualified through a combination of education, training and work experience to be employed or retained by attorneys, law offices, estates, courts, corporations, governmental agencies or other entities.
  • Do not work on ‘spec’ (speculation) or a contingency basis of proceeds paid to clients or beneficiaries. They do not ‘recruit’ beneficiaries or heirs for their own business, for other firms, or for attorneys. CAFG members *support* the hourly or project-based fee
    structures with reasonable reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses.

Types of work:

  • Probate and estate cases – known heirs, unknown heirs, missing heirs.
  • Heirs and beneficiaries of trust and insurance accounts.
  • Due diligence affidavits.
  • Next of kin in guardianship cases, youth transitioning from foster care, adoption.
  • Capital mitigation in death sentence cases.
  • Immigration and citizenship cases.
  • Civil pension, Social Security, and veteran’s benefits.
  • Land issues involving title, adverse possession, rights of way, lis pendens, or muniment of title.
  • Oil, gas, and mineral royalties.
  • Identification and location of next of kin or DNA donors in matters involving unclaimed decedents or POW/MIA personnel repatriation.
  • Identification of next of kin prior release a coroner’s release of body or cemetery removals.
  • Provenance, class action claimants, intellectual property-rights.

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