CAFG Sponsors Free Webinar on Champerty

The Council for the Advancement of Forensic Genealogy (CAFG) is pleased to announce the fourth of
four webinars for forensic genealogists and the genealogical community at large. On December 12th at 7:30pm EST, CAFG will present Michael Ramageā€™s webinar: Champerty Meets Heir Searching: The Law, Ethics and Practice.

When an heir searcher accepts an estate case on a contingency fee basis, there is a risk that the civil or criminal champerty laws of the applicable jurisdiction are being violated. Even if the jurisdiction has not retained the common law doctrine of champerty, the contingent fee contract may be unethical.
Furthermore, a contingent fee practitioner may allow his or her expert testimony to be undermined or
even rejected by the court. Learn the laws, ethics and practicality of contingent fee contracts in the field of missing and unknown heirs searching.

Michael S. Ramage, JD, CG, is a full-time professional genealogist, author, lecturer and licensed attorney-at-law in Pennsylvania. Mr. Ramage has served as a Trustee, officer and currently General Counsel of BCG, and he was the 2020-2022 President of the APG Forensic Genealogy Special Interest Group. His 25-year law practice included real estate and estate law and litigation. He has taught numerous genealogy and law-related courses at genealogy conferences and institutes around the country. His related publications include the ā€œForensic Specializationā€ and ā€œEthical Considerationsā€ chapters in Professional Genealogy: Preparation, Practice & Standards, Elizabeth Shown Mills, editor.

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