CAFG is a business league and we are here to promote a common interest: forensic genealogy. We are not a regular business operating for a profit. We are here to raise awareness of forensic genealogy through education, newsletters, etc. Our earnings may not benefit an individual, but benefit the field of forensic genealogy as a whole.

We have a membership who must undergo peer review to become a member, then continue to have their work reviewed as they grow in their knowledge of forensic genealogy and level up in the organization. To maintain our exempt status our activities must be devoted to improving business conditions in this field. We try to improve the conditions in forensic genealogy through education and awareness.

We welcome donations to help in our endeavor. Please mail checks made payable to CAFG to:
Juli Whittaker
5619 NW 82nd St
Kansas City, MO 64151

NOTE: Because CAFG is a 501(c)(6), donations are not deductible on an individual’s Federal tax return.