Forensic Genealogy Institute – Heir Searching

Heir searching has always been a part of the forensic genealogical landscape. Michael Ramage, JD, CG, will present an expanded block of instruction on finding missing heirs in an ethical and professional manner during the upcoming Forensic Genealogy Institute’s Advanced Forensic Evidence Analysis course. He will analyze the process from accepting the case with due diligence by the forensic genealogist, researching for living people, presenting the case to the client, and judicial proceedings. Catherine Desmarias, CG, will expand the process with a case study of international consequence and lessons to be learned by the forensic genealogist.

The Forensic Genealogy Institute is being presented in Dallas, Texas from 24 March through 29 March 2014. The prerequisite Foundations in Forensic Genealogy will be presented from 24 March through 26 March 2014 with the Advanced Forensic Evidence Analysis following from 27 March through 29 Mach 2014. Additional information to attend may be viewed at: