Forensic Genealogy Institute – Mock Witness Cross-Examination

What can happen if the forensic genealogist is asked to present findings in court?  The Forensic Genealogy Institute has an answer! A highlight of “Foundations in Forensic Genealogy” is a mock witness cross-examination.

Michael Ramage, J.D., CG plays the part of the attorney for an opposing side. Michael’s rendition of the woman attorney’s assault on the forensic genealogist always has attendees laughing. Michael and Dee Dee King, CG will demonstrate how the forensic genealogist establishes credibility as an expert witness, how an expert witness is “proven up” for the court, and how the genealogist may be examined in a case.

Join us March 24-26 for “Foundations in Forensic Genealogy” or stay the week and also attend the “Advanced Forensic Evidence Analysis” track. Hurry. Early registration at a discount ends December 30th!

The prerequisite “Foundations in Forensic Genealogy” will be presented from 24 March through 26 March 2014 with the “Advanced Forensic Evidence Analysis” following from 27 March through 29 March 2014. Addition information to attend may be viewed at