Forensic Genealogy News Release

The Council for the Advancement of Forensic Genealogy (CAFG) announces the release of the January 2012, Forensic Genealogy News. In this issue CAFG announces two new Mentor Program enrollees, Melanie Holtz, CG and Michael Hait, CG. Feature articles are included by Claudia Breland and Catherine Desmarais, CG. Claudia’s article, “Does someone doing genealogical research on an intestate estate need to be credentialed as a professional genealogist”, explains the importance of  hiring a credentialed genealogist or someone with extensive training in intestate estate research. Catherine discusses in “Not Quite Ready for the CAFG Mentoring Program? Gaining Experience with Forensic Genealogy Techniques”, ways one can explore the type of work that forensic genealogist do to discover whether this specialty is a good fit.

Forensic Genealogy News can be found at the following link:      Click on the Vol 2 #1 to view or download this issue of Forensic Genealogy News.

Scholarship applications for the CAFG Mentor Program will be available until
21 January 2012 (the application deadline).