CAFG recognizes there will be many potential members who are new to the field of forensic genealogy – which has recently gained wide spread recognition and demand.

CAFG has expanded our membership to those interested in or new to the field with two types of membership – a general membership for those interested in forensic genealogy and peer-reviewed membership. There are four peer-reviewed levels based on experience and education for those pursuing a career in Forensic Genealogy: Associate, Junior, Advanced, and Advanced/ Certified. The Peer Mentor Program offers the opportunity to work on real cases along with an upper-level member.

We encourage those interested in forensic genealogy to join and for those looking for a step to enter the field and prepare for peer-reviewed membership. For professional genealogists who seek to improve their skills and who strive to maintain high professional and ethical standards:

  • Professional Genealogists entering or advancing in forensic genealogy.
  • Participate in CAFG’s Peer Mentor Program.
  • Seek to improve skills through continuing education and by submitting work product for peer-review.
  • Strive to achieve and maintain high professional and ethical standards.
  • Achieve Forensic Genealogy Certification.
  • Career ladder opportunities – publishing in CAFG’s Newsletter, Mentoring, and Teaching.

Download the General Membership Packet.

Download the 2021 Peer Level Membership Packet.