Why Hire A Member?

CAFG members are educated in advanced genealogy and forensic genealogy techniques, must complete annual continuing education requirements, submit to periodic peer-review, and adhere to CAFG’s Standards of Practice and Conduct.

Hiring a CAFG member ensures that research, analysis, and reporting is conducted by an unbiased, disinterested third party with no personal or professional stake in the outcome

Our members are employed or retained by attorneys, estates, courts, corporations, governmental agencies or other entities. Our work may include (but is not limited to)

  • Probate and estate – known, unknown, & missing heirs
  • Heirs and beneficiaries of trust and insurance accounts, civil pension, Social Security, and veterans’ benefits
  • Due diligence affidavits
  • Immigration and citizenship
  • Land issues involving title, adverse possession, rights of way, lis pendens, or muniment of title
  • Oil, gas, and mineral royalties
  • Next of kin in guardianship, youth transitioning from foster care, adoption
  • Provenance, class action claimants, intellectual property-rights
  • Identification and location of next of kin or DNA donors for unclaimed decedents or POW/MIA personnel repatriation
  • Identification of next of kin prior to coroner’s release of body or for cemetery removals
  • Genetic genealogy with the use of DNA testing and analysis in legal cases

All members agree to adhere to the Standards of Practice and Conduct.

Membership requirements can be viewed in our application packet.

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